Paint for Bath Tubs, Tiles & Laminates

bath tub paint

Traditionally, hard glossy surfaces such as baths, tiles and laminates are very difficult to paint. Firstly there is the adhesion problem and secondly there is the problem of finding a paint which is hard wearing and durable enough for high wear areas.

We have overcome the adhesion problem with the development of FORMINEX CERAMAGLASS.  It is a unique adhesion promoting primer, which can be over coated with almost any paint system including two-pack urethanes and epoxies. FORMINEX CERAMAGLASS can be used on a wide range of surfaces including glass, ceramic tiles, porcelain, terrazzo, some plastics, laminates, and vitreous enamel.

Once FORMINEX CERAMAGLASS has been applied, the bath, tiles or laminate can be undercoated with Forminex Universal Undercoat and finished with FORMINEX SUPERGLOSS.

CERAMAGLASS is used on surfaces where paint adhesion would normally be a problem. Glass, glazed ceramic or porcelain tiles would normally require severe abrasion, or dangerous acid etching, in order to provide a suitable key for the appropriate painting system to follow. CERAMAGLASS is simply wiped onto the surface and allowed to dry for 1 hour. This saves expensive labour costs as well as eliminating the need to use strong acids for etching the surface. CERAMAGLASS can be overcoated with almost any paint system including two-pack urethanes and epoxies. CERAMAGLASS makes kitchen and bathroom make-overs simple.

FORMINEX UNIVERSAL UNDERCOAT is a high opacity two-pack urethane undercoat for use under FORMINEX SUPER GLOSS. Also acts as a barrier coat over other paints to ensure there is no adverse reaction when 2-PACK coatings are applied.

FORMINEX SUPERGLOSS is a specialist paint finish originally developed for industrial and marine use. Its chemical resistance, extreme hardness and outstanding durability make it ideal for high wear fixtures in the home such as tiles and laminates. It is suitable for permanent water immersion, and tolerates temperatures to 250ºC, which makes it ideal for painting bath-tubs and spas. Available in over 1000 colours.

For more information on painting baths, tiles and laminates please see the data sheets and painting guide below. For further advice or advice on surface repairs prior to painting these surfaces please contact us.