SHIPWAY SPESCOAT (originally known as B L SHIPWAY DECORATING), began retailing and distributing paint in South Australia in 1955.

In the early 1980’s B L SHIPWAY DECORATING (the decorating arm of well-known Adelaide company B L Shipway) was purchased by its then managers and became the independent company Shipway Spescoat Pty Ltd.

In 1989 Shipway Spescoat released its SPESCOAT brand of coatings – specialty timber finishes designed for Australian conditions and made in Australia..

In 1997 SHIPWAY SPESCOAT purchased the Sydney based FORMINEX and MARINE SYSTEMS brands of industrial and marine paints and moved the plant to Adelaide. (For simplicity, MARINE SYSTEMS products have since been incorporated into the FORMINEX branding.)

With the acquisition of FORMINEX, we inherited over 45 years of paint manufacturing expertise. This new range included specialised, premium-quality coatings for almost all surfaces including flooring, marine, industrial, food processing plants, wineries, bath-tubs, pools, spa's, and anti-graffiti.

In August 2007, Shipway Spescoat was purchased by Topline Paint Pty Ltd a South Australian owned and based manufacturer of Architectural, Industrial, Speciality paints and surface coatings. Topline Paint, established in 1962, has long been a behind the scenes supplier to industry in South Australia. The combination of Topline's manufacturing capabilities and technical abilities was just the right match for Shipways market presence, reputation and specialised products.