We have painting systems for: new and old, fibreglass and concrete swimming pools, spa-pools, fish-ponds and water features.


FORMINEX EPOXY POOL PAINT - is a polyamide cured 2-Pack epoxy coating specially formulated for pools and ponds. It has excellent resistance to pool chemicals, abrasion, and attack from algae. Provides a smooth easy clean surface. Over 1000 colours available. For hot spa's see FORMINEX SUPERGLOSS.

FORMINEX SUPER GLOSS - Premium non-yellowing, two pack polyurethane. Has excellent UV, chemical and abrasion resistance and long life gloss. Particularly suitable for spa pools because of the higher water temp. Available in white, black and over 1000 colours.

FORMINEX FORMACOAT - Single-pack, solvent based acrylic re-coatable topcoat. For fish ponds and bird baths. Its excellent water resistance and slip resistance, also make it suitable for pool surrounds, particularly when Spescoat Add-Grip is added. Available in over 1000 colours.

FORMINEX SUPERWASH - Is a pH neutral cleaning agent, for use in the preparation of pools and ponds prior to painting. (Formerly Forminex Poolwash)

FORMINEX ACID NEUTRALISER - For use in the preparation of pools and ponds prior to painting, to neutralise hydrochloric acid.

If you require a project guide or a written specification for your particular marine please contact us.

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