We have painting, sealing and filling systems for GRP (fibreglass), timber, aluminium, steel and ferro-cement. For above and below water line. Most of the following products also have architectural and industrial applications.



FORMINEX TIMBER PRESERVER & PRIMER - High epoxy resin content timber preserver. Contains biocides to protect timber from black spot and other fungi. An excellent moisture block-out sealer for all timbers.

SPESCOAT DEEPTREAT is an oil-based, clear, water-repellent preservative for uncoated timber. It is suitable as a treatment prior to painting or staining. Deep-treat reduces the excessive intake and release of moisture, therefore minimising warping and splitting of timber.

FORMINEX SANDING PRIMER - A high-build epoxy primer and undercoat for above and below the water. Easy sanding for up to three weeks. Superior filling properties. Suitable under all top-coats.

FORMINEX VINYL PRIMER - Single pack solvent based primer. Excellent bleed stopping properties and superior adhesion to substrates including: wood, steel, masonry and fibreglass. May be used on surfaces that will remain immersed in water. May be used as a primer under most single-pack paints including enamel, acrylic, chlorinated rubber and vinyl coatings such as antifouling. May also be used as a self priming-finishing coat when 2-3 coats are applied. Formerly called FORMINEX ANTIFOULING PRIMER.

FORMINEX RED METAL PRIMER - A two pack polyurethane metal primer, which combines excellent adhesion with great impermeability and incorporates corrosion resistant, pigments.


FORMINEX FORMAGUARD E2 ALUMINIUM PRIMER - A two pack epoxy, anti corrosive primer and etch for all ferrous and aluminium surfaces. Excellent adhesion and chemical resistance.


FORMINEX CERAMAGLASS is a single pack, clear, adhesion promoting, fast drying primer. Used on glass, ceramic-tiles, porcelain, terrazzo, some plastics, laminates, and vitreous enamel.


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