We have floor and paving coatings for almost any surface including; timber, slate, cork, cement, ground cement, steel, particle board, ceramic tiles, quarry tiles, terrazzo, terracotta, sandstone, pavers, lino and vinyls.



SPESCOAT TUNG-OIL SEALER is a single pack, traditional, tung-oil resin based timber sealer, for use on interior timber and cork. It is particularly suitable for use on timber board floors where excessive shrinkage or expansion is likely to occur.

SPESCOAT FLOOR-THANE is a clear single pack, moisture cured urethane, for use on interior timber, cork, particle board and concrete floors. It is available in gloss or may have FLATTING MEDIUM added to it to create a satin finish. Very durable, fast drying and easy to apply.

SPESCOAT AQUA-THANE is a water based replacement for single pack and moisture cure clear polyurethanes, available in gloss or satin finishes. For use on interior joinery, furniture and floors. It has excellent resistance to abrasion, heat, moisture, and most oils, solvents and chemicals.

FORMINEX WATER BASED EPOXY FLOOR FINISH is a water based two pack finish for concrete floors. It may also be used over lino or vinyl flooring and a wide range of other floor finishes (please discuss your application with us). Suited for use in any situation from domestic to aggressive industrial applications. It is very low in odour especially when compared to conventional solvent based floor coatings and can even be used on green concrete. Available in both clear and colours


FORMINEX CLEAR - Two pack clear polyurethane for use on interior surfaces where a hard wearing finish is required e.g. floors, bench tops etc.

FORMINEX VITRAFORM CLEAR - Premium low-build, two-pack, water clear (non-yellowing) polyurethane for interior and exterior use. Particularly suitable over light-coloured timbers where the blonde look is to be preserved. Has excellent UV, chemical and abrasion resistance and long life gloss. For over 40 years Forminex Vitraform has been also sold as FORMINEX FORLINYL. This product makes an excellent durable sealer for vinyl and lino floors. Forlinyl and Vitraform are exactly the same product and are no longer marketed as separate products.

FORMINEX SUPERGLOSS U.V. CLEAR - Premium two-pack, water clear (non-yellowing) polyurethane for interior and exterior use. Higher build than Vitraform for porous surfaces. Has excellent UV chemical and abrasion resistance and long life gloss. Ideal as floor and timber coating where a non-yellowing finish is required.

SPESCOAT SLATE & PAVER is a clear, non-yellowing, interior/exterior solvent-based acrylic finish, for use on slate, concrete, sandstone and most masonry surfaces. Suitable for driveways.

SPESCOAT PAVE SEAL: We get a large number of enquiries for a “sealer for concrete pavers” often around swimming pools. We simply do not recommend our Slate and Pave for this purpose as pavers are usually not laid over dampcoursing and water/efflourescence problems usually mean a short life for any coating on pavers. The use of any type of coating on pavers will also usually make them glossy and much more slippery. Spescoat Pave Seal overcomes this as it is a surface treatment rather than a coating and does not change the surface appearance in any way. It will help prevent staining from oils, greases, food, wine and such like making it perfect for pavers in entertaining areas. Whilst we cant guarantee that it will prevent staining in all cases on all substrates we can say that it will make clean up much easier and any residual stain left behind will me far less than it would be on an untreated paver.


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